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English Budgie
Each species of bird has varying personalities ranging from reserved to outgoing. However, birds suitable as pets generally share common characteristics such as being intelligent, active and sociable.

These feathered creatures are said to mimic some social elements of a human relationship, which can elevate your emotional health. Therefore, they would make the perfect companion for anyone who needs some entertainment! Aside from that, their intelligence enables them to be trained and understand simple commands.

Birds are loyal to their owner and will chirp happily at the sight of your return. With a pet bird in the house, there will always be lively, cheerful moments to perk your day up!

Biological Data (Quick facts)

Life expectancy : 5 to 8 years

Body weight : 45 to 65g

Diet : Granivores: Budgie formulated food. The diet should be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sexual Maturity : 6 to 7 months

Gestation Period : Incubation: 17 to 23 days

Litter Size : 4 to 8 eggs

Weaning Age : 3 to 4 weeks

Where can I find them
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-14/15,
Singapore 138617
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