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Albino Corydoras

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With their pinkish-white bodies and bright red eyes, albino cories are an interesting addition to a community aquarium. They are also known as albino corydoras.

With their adaptability to different water conditions, they are a wonderful option for beginner fish keepers.

Here is more information about these catfishes.

Personality traits

Due to their tranquil behaviour, albino cories make wonderful community fish. They will fare well with other small community fishes such as the green danios and cardinal tetras. They also enjoy being in the company of their own, so it is recommended to keep them in groups of at least three to six.

Albino Cories should not be placed with aggressive and territorial species such as betta fishes.

They are also great scavenger fishes and can often be found swimming at the bottom of the tank. But they have sensitive barbels so it is better to use fine gravel so that they do not get injured.

Biological Data

Life expectancy: 5 years

Adult size: Up to 6.99cm

Water type: freshwater

Optimum water parameters:
  • Temperature: 22.2 – 26.1°C
  • pH: 6.0 – 8.0
  • Hardness (dGH): 2 – 25