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Ryukin Goldfish come in a variety of colours including red, white, tri-colour and calico.

With a short, stubby body and rounded belly, their adorable egg-shaped bodies are a unique characteristic of their species.

Find out more about the beautiful Ryukin Goldfish below!

Personality traits
Ryukin Goldfishes are hardy fishes that are great for beginners. They can adapt and survive well in aquariums as long as they are safe and well-maintained.

However, the Ryukin can be semi-aggressive towards weaker or single-finned fishes. Thus, you should consider keeping them with other non-aggressive fishes of similar size.

As the Ryukin Goldfish has a tendency to dig and uproot life plants, you should decorate their tank with artificial ones instead. Silk plants are ideal as they are soft and unlikely to cause any injuries.

Additionally, Ryukin Goldfishes tend to produce a significant amount of waste. Hence, a good filtration system is crucial in maintaining the water quality in the tank.

Biological Data

Life expectancy: 10 – 15 years

Adult size: Up to 25.4cm

Water type: freshwater

Optimum water parameters:
  • Temperature: 18.3 – 22.2°C
  • pH: 6 – 8
  • Hardness (dGH): 5 – 19