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Albino Rainbow Shark

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Albino rainbow sharks are a variant of rainbow sharks. They have the same red fins, with the exception of a full white body that appears to radiate light pink or yellow tones under sunlight.

Their distinctive appearances make them extremely captivating to watch.

Here is more information about these catfishes.

Personality traits

Albino rainbow sharks are territorial fish and get aggressive when cooped up in small spaces. That is why it is recommended to have a tank size of at least 189L to give them plenty of space and a sense of control over their territory.

As they prefer the bottom of the tank, it is best not to house them with other bottom-dwelling species such as albino cories. Fishes that swim near the middle or top like neon dwarf rainbows will make better tank mates.

They help to keep the tank clean by eating naturally-formed algae. Besides that, their omnivorous diet allows them to enjoy a variety of fish food.

Biological Data

Life expectancy: 4-6 years

Adult size: 15cm

Water type: freshwater

Optimum water parameters:
  • Temperature: 23.8 - 27°C
  • pH: 6.5 – 7.5
  • Hardness (dGH): 5 – 11